On June 22 all day and on June 23 until 12:00 for players registered in the HCP system of the Latvian Golf Federation Green Fees €36


Slope/Local rules

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Local Rules

Out of Bounds (Rule 18)

The ball is out of bounds when it lies:

  • in any practice area
  • behind the cart path near the clubhouse
  • behind a boundary fence or white stakes

Internal Out of Bounds

Playing hole 8 the area along the left-hand side, defined by white stakes, is out of bounds.

Playing hole 14 the area along the right-hand side, defined by white stakes, is out of bounds,

Playing holes 8 and 14 the white stakes are the boundary objects (no free relief) while for other holes they are the immovable obstructions (free relief available).

Integral objects – No Free Relief

Wooden walls or pilings inside penalty areas;

Metal grids when closely attached to the trees;

Retaining wall in the bunker of the hole 11.

 Abnormal Course Condition – Rule 16.1 – Free Relief

Areas defined by white lines.

Immovable Obstructions

Sprinkler heads, drains and irrigation or control boxes;

Car paths;

Fixed signs.

 Movable obstruction – Rule 15.2 – May be removed without penalty

Penalty area stakes, distance posts, temporary signs

 Dropping Zone at hole 13 – Rule 17.1 – Additional relief option

Playing hole 13, if a ball is in the penalty area, with one stroke penalty a player can use the dropping zone as an additional relief option to the Rule 17.1 with one stroke penalty.

Distances are in meters to the center of the green.

Fairway distances White – 200 м, yellow – 150 м, red – 100 м.

Golf Course Etiquette

(a) Please always respect our course and the rules of golf.

(b) Please lift your ball in the area marked G.U.R (ground under repair) and drop it outside that area under Rule 16.1

(c) Please refrain from bringing trolleys and cars through the outer rough (fescue) areas

(d) Please keep the trolleys and cars off the tees, greens and bunkers

(d) We kindly ask you to let the faster groups play through.

 Pace of play. Please do not delay the play. If your ball may be lost outside penalty area please play the provisional ball. Maximum searching time – 3 minutes. Players are encouraged to play out of turn in a safe and responsible way (ready golf).

Care of the course. Please replace the divots, repair ball-marks on the greens, rake the bunkers.